Structural Steel 

We provide a range of steel beams, metal roof and ceiling battens, metal fascia, and steel posts to help complete the total building package.  

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Discover our Structural Steel products 

Steel beams 

We can access and supply both structural hollow steel sections (SHS), and Universal Beams (UBs) to complete the building package. 

Structural integrity 

Steel beams provide improved structural integrity, with a high load capacity.  

Australian standard 

Our SHS is made to Australian Standard, making it suitable for building construction anywhere within Western Australia. 


Universal Beams are purpose-made in a range of sizes available. 

A range of sizes

Our structural steel products are available in a range of different sizes and weights to suit your project needs. 

Steel roof and ceiling battens 

Steel formed roof and ceiling battens are available in store and are sold in 6.1m lengths. 


Made from high-tensile steel, which means they use less material, resulting in a lighter product. 

Fire and termite

Resistant to both fire and termites.

Storage and handling

The moulded profile makes for easy storage footprint.

A range of sizes

A range of depths to suit various applications.


Metal fascia 

You can use metal fascia as an alternative to timber fascia. Concealing the perimeter of the roof, protecting against weather and vermin.  

Low maintenance 

Once your metal fascia is installed, there’s not much more for you to do, and requires minimal upkeep over its lifetime. 

Clean looking 

Metal fascia can provide a clean, more finished look to any roof. 


Metal fascia is a cost-effective option. 

A range of profiles

Our metal fascia products are available in a range of different manufacturers to suit your project needs. 

As much as we love and believe in the benefits of timber, we recognise that structural steel has its place in construction. 

So we choose our steel products carefully, and ensure they’re designed to the highest possible standards. And, when combined with timber, you get a structure that’s made to last a lifetime. 


Future adaptability 

Thanks to its optimal strength and longevity, structural steel products provide an excellent base structure for your buildings, with the strength to accommodate future additions and storeys. 

Cost-effective construction 

Structural steel products arrive on-site ready to use.

Why Choose Us

We’ve been servicing WA businesses and builders since 1990. Our experienced team is here to provide you with a reliable, flexible service, expert advice, and personalised support that’s there when you need us.

A locally-owned, independent business

We’re a 100% family owned and run business, by a local family right here in WA. You get peace of mind you’re working with a reliable, truly independent team.

You’re supporting local, too

Wherever possible, we make an effort to purchase our timber from local, WA-owned suppliers. Local timber means local jobs, and helping support the communities that support us.

Quality you can trust

We choose to use quality suppliers that we trust to get the job done, so you see better results on your projects.

Skills and experience

With unparalleled understanding of the timber industry from our many years combined experience, you benefit from the best minds and safest hands in structural timber.

One dedicated project manager

When you partner with us, you work with one dedicated Account Manager for the duration of your project, who you can rely on for anything.

A more sustainable choice

Timber creates natural carbon storage, so by choosing our sustainable timber, you’re taking an active role in reducing WA’s carbon footprint.

Need it Delivered?

We make it easier to get the supplies you need, and you can rely on our fleet to get your timber products delivered directly to your building site. Need it faster than that? We also offer Express Delivery for those fast turnarounds.