Design Services 

Our Design Services team is here to help you get the technical expertise you need: the right materials, and the right quantities to see your construction through to completion, smoothly and efficiently. Here’s how we work with you.


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There’s no one ‘right’ solution, but there is one that’s right for your job 

Our specialist Design and Estimating Department helps you identify the materials for your next project and provide a bill of quantities and an overlay specific to the project. Whatever your project, we can make sure it starts off on the right foot. 

Custom-designed, every time 

Every construction project is different, so your specifications are custom designed to ensure they’re tailored to your project. We have staff members with many years of experience completing your estimate and design. 

Designed in-house

All our designs are done in-house, so you get our expertise at every step, and you can liaise directly with our staff creating your design take off. Our service doesn’t stop here. We are there to assist through the construction stage if you need us. 

Get complete design support to see your project come to life

Our Design Services team provide comprehensive support for projects of all sizes. So no matter the size, and whatever you’re building, we ensure you get an accurate bill of quantities and design layout. 

Build from scratch

We provide a bill of materials from the ground-up. Whether the project is for commercial, residential, owner-builders, new homes, extensions / additions or unit developments. 

Work with one team the whole way through

Our design team staff have a wide range of experience. So regardless of the project, we have the ability to provide you accurate detailed information. 

We help you take advantage of expert estimation and design services to solve construction problems before they even occur 

Measure twice, cut once, as they say. By engaging our design services, you make sure that you’ve ironed out the kinks and have optimised your designs to ensure a more efficient build.

Work directly with us to create your design, and get personalised service that makes your project a success. 

We deliver tailored design services, but get your feedback at every step, to ensure you’re 100% happy with the progress of your project. We combine our expertise and your vision to create a design that suits your needs perfectly.