We design, manufacture, and supply structural timber products that help WA grow 

Nobody understands timber like we do 

We’ve been servicing WA businesses and builders since 1990. 

Our experienced team is here to provide you with a reliable, flexible service, expert advice, and personalised support that’s there when you need us. You benefit from the best minds and safest hands in structural timber. That’s our promise, and we stick by it. 

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Timber the Ultimate Renewable™

The aim of The Ultimate Renewable™ is to help everyone understand the natural advantages of wood and its positive contribution to reducing the effects of climate change.

The term The Ultimate Renewable™ is recognition of the fact that unlike other mainstream materials, wood and wood products are managed for planting, growing and harvesting, whether in single-species plantations or mixed species forests. This process leads to a range of advantages including reducing the resource depletion of our planet, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere and the carbon dioxide stored in wood.

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We’re helping build a better environment 

By its nature, timber is a natural carbon sink that stores C02 emissions from the air, providing a low-emissions alternative to other fossil-fuel driven structural products. With approximately 50% of the dry weight of timber being stored carbon. Its for this reason that timber is labelled as the most sustainable building material available. 

 By choosing timber, you’re helping us work towards a lower-carbon future. 

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Dive into our resource centre, a place to find the latest news, information, and practical advice and guidance on how to get the best results from our structural timber products. 

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‘’Having dealt with ITS for over eight years we are very happy to continue our business relationship.  For a small custom building Co, having people we can rely on for accurate roof overlays and professional service is essential.  The staff are very easy to deal with and even during tough COVID periods have been flexible and willing to assist when required.”

- Dean Humphrey, Humphrey Builders and President HIA (WA)

“ABN Group relationship with Independent Timber Supplies (ITS) span’s over 30 years.

We see ITS as market leader in their category, their industry knowledge and ethical product offering is underpinned by their family values.

The ITS team deliver their services offer based on personal, honest approach, and we have built a strong rapport and trust over the years.

Alignment of our values allows both businesses to succeed in a very busy market which in turn allow us to help deliver the dream of home ownership.

We look forward to working with ITS and continue to evolve our partnership to meet and surpass industry opportunities.”

- ABN Group , ABN Procurement

“We have been in business with Independent Timber Supplies WA for well over 10 years

As most people would be aware, the challenges of building a home in the current market is quite challenging and ITS always endeavour to ease this burden with their high level of service; keeping regular and concise communication, going out of their way to ensure potential delays are kept to a minimum, whilst still delivering quality products.

I visualize we shall be in business with ITS for many years to come.”

- Trent Jackson, General Manager - Ross North Homes

As a group, we’ve been and continue to have an excellent working relationship with Independent Timber Supplies for many years.

Dealing with a family owned business where your direct contact is one of the directors is an added bonus as decisions can be made immediately which is exactly what is needed at times in the building industry.

As a large building company, things don’t always go to plan on site, and we find ITS to be extremely honest and approachable and they’ll find ways or solutions to make things happen. It may not always be the answer you’re looking for but it’s genuinely the most honest as they don’t over promise and under deliver which is crucial in the building game.



- JWH Group, JWH Procurement

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