Prefabricated Trusses and Frames 

We manufacture a range of prefabricated trusses and frames at our dedicated off-site facility. Whether it’s for residential or commercial buildings, across a range of applications, our products can be incorporated seamlessly into your on-site built components, and come to you ready to install. 

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Discover our prefabricated trusses and frames  


We’re proud to be a licenced MiTek fabricator, and partner with MiTek to provide our customers and clients with your prefabricated trusses. This means that any one of our prefabricated components can be incorporated with other on-site components, giving you a smoother, more efficient build. As well as being fully compliant with the National Construction Code, our components are engineered to the relevant standards. 


Structural Design Actions 


Timber Structures – Design Methods 


Wind Loads for Housing 


We also provide on-site installation manuals compliant with AS4440 – Installation of Nail-plated Timber Roof Trusses 

Wall Frames 

We’re proud to be a licenced MiTek fabricator, and partner with MiTek to provide our customers and clients with your prefabricated wall frames. This means that any one of our prefabricated wall frame components can be incorporated with other on-site components, giving you a smoother, more efficient build.  

Available in a range of sizes 

Our wall frames are available in 70, 90, 120, 140, 170-, and 190mm widths, as well as oversized & raking. 

Volume efficient  solution

We provide efficient, volume solutions ensuring your project’s scale can and will be catered for. 

Cladding available 

We also provide a range of factory-clad wall frames. 

Guaranteed compliant 

We use MiTek software that designs all components to meet AS1684 Residential Timber Framed Construction, and the National Construction Code. 

Floor Trusses 

As a proud licenced MiTek fabricator, we fabricate MiTek PosiStrut floor joists to provide stronger support for your spaces. These specially-made joists enable your services to pass smoothly through your flooring system, enabling an easier build. 

Guaranteed compliant 

Our MiTek flooring materials are fabricated to comply with AS1170 – Structural Design Actions, AS1720.1 – Timber Structures – Design Methods, and the National Construction Code. 

More than joists 

We can also provide and supply detailed steel beams to integrate with your PosiStruct floor joists. 

Volume efficient 

We provide volume-efficient solutions to ensure you’re building is a stronger foundation for your new space.  


All our fixings and fastenings are completely galvanised, so they ensure a longer-lasting structure. 


We also supply factory-made cassettes, which are available for both roofing and flooring applications. These prefabricated panels enable more efficient construction, and are best-suited to multi-dwelling sites where minimising construction time is important. 


Fast installation 

Cassettes are easily manoeuvred into place, all ready to install in one simple process. 



Prefabricated trusses and frames provide you with peace of mind that your designs are 100% accurate. 

Our specialist Technical Department help you identify the specifications for your roof, wall, and floor frames, and then prefabricate your materials to your exact specifications. 

Materials designed for your build 

Your specifications are custom designed to ensure they’re tailored to your job. So no matter the size, and whatever you’re building, we ensure you get the right materials. 

Reduce waste on site 

Our on-site construction team provides accurate quantity estimates for the materials required for your first fix carpenter, so there’s no waste generated when starting your build. 

Enjoy a faster build 

Prefabricating off-site means your materials arrive on site ready to build. It also allows for better scheduling and faster on-site assembly. 

We take Prefabrication seriously  

We have a dedicated manufacturing facility that was established in early 2000. Since then we have grown from humble beginnings to the timber framed fabricator we are today.

Why Choose Us

We’ve been servicing WA businesses and builders since 1990. Our experienced team is here to provide you with a reliable, flexible service, expert advice, and personalised support that’s there when you need us.

A locally-owned, independent business

We’re a 100% family owned and run business, by a local family right here in WA. You get peace of mind you’re working with a reliable, truly independent team.

You’re supporting local, too

Wherever possible, we make an effort to purchase our timber from local, WA-owned suppliers. Local timber means local jobs, and helping support the communities that support us.

Quality you can trust

We choose to use quality suppliers that we trust to get the job done.

Skills and experience

With unparalleled understanding of the timber industry from our many years combined experience, you benefit from the best minds and safest hands in structural timber.

One dedicated sales staff member

When you partner with us, you work with one dedicated sales staff member for the duration of your project, who you can rely on.

A more sustainable choice

Timber creates natural carbon storage, so by choosing our sustainable timber, you’re taking an active role in reducing WA’s carbon footprint.

Need it Delivered?

We make it easier to get the supplies you need, and you can rely on our fleet to get your timber products delivered directly to your building site. Need it faster than that? We also offer Express Delivery for those fast turnarounds.