Engineered Wood Products

We supply and stock a range of Engineered Wood Products (EWP), such as e-beams (Laminated Veneer Lumber), e-splay beams, e-joists and a variety of hardwood laminated beams and Design Pine beams.

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Discover our engineered wood products

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber)

LVL beams have been engineered to cater for larger spans. An ideal timber solution for when structural pine reaches its limitations. These LVL’s are treated to H2F and are sourced through our trusted partner Wesbeam.

An LVL beam is available in 2 options. Square ended or e-splayed.

An e-splay is designed to fit between a wall plate and the underside of your rafter or roof cladding. Wesbeam LVL e-splays provide an alternative to steel beams in the construction of stick roofs.

Wesbeam manufactured this product right here in Western Australia.

Start stronger

LVL beams combines robust engineered technology with their unique manufacturing process.

Last longer

LVL products are pre-treated against termites and European house borer, so you get peace of mind your structures will last longer.

100% factory manufactured

Your e-splays arrive on site ready to build—no cutting required.

A range of sizes

E-beams are available in a range of different sizes to suit your project needs.


Manufactured from LVL and oriented strand board (OSB), e-joist has a similar strength as a solid LVL beam of the same size but uses much less wood, making it lighter and easier to handle.

A cost-effective solution

E-joists are a cost effective and long-lasting alternative to heavy timber or steel products.

A range of sizes

Our Wesbeam e-joists are available in a range of different sizes and lengths to suit your project needs.

Cross Laminated Timbers (CLT)

Cross laminated timber is an exciting development in the timber industry. It’s effectively an extension of plywood technology, with layers of timber glued together to deliver optimum strength capabilities.

A lighter alternative

CLT is a timber panel product, with similar characteristics to pre-cast concrete—but much lighter and easier to build with. 

More robust 

CLT distributes the along-the-grain strength of wood in both length and width, delivering improved structural properties. 

A more sustainable option 

CLT products provide a more sustainable option to concrete or steel products. 

A range of sizes

CLT products are available in a range of different sizes to suit your project needs. 

Glulam Beams and Posts

Glulam, or glued laminated timber, is an engineered wood product made from multiple layers of laminated structural wood, bonded together using high-strength adhesives. Glulam is an excellent product that can be used in both internal and external building. We offer a range of Hardwood Glulam in both beams and Posts.

We can also offer Design Pine which are a pre-primed H3 treated glulam. These are also available in beams and posts.

Glulam beams and posts

We stock and have access to a range of glulam beams, including Hardwood, Pine, Oregon, Merbau, Design pine, and bush poles.

More robust 

Thanks to its layered make-up, glulam provides a timber alternative that’s proven to be stronger than steel. 


The layered nature and adhesives used in creating glulam make it moisture-resistant to deliver optimal water protection. 

A range of sizes

Our glulam products are available in a range of different sizes to suit your project needs. 

Our engineered wood products deliver the flexibility and versatility of wood, with the strength of steel. 

And it’s not just the construction benefits that make them a natural fit for Independent Timber Supplies. Wesbeam manufacture their LVL products using energy-efficient production and processing methods, and source their timber from sustainably-managed forests, regulated by the WA State Government. 

As strong as steel 

LVL products are made using Pine veneers, combined with a unique engineering and manufacturing process. This gives it a high strength-to-weight-ratio, making it a suitable replacement for steel building products. 

Better cost control 

Wesbeam LVL is available in spans up to 13.2 metres long, allowing you to go bigger in your builds. It’s easily sawn and connected, unlike steel, which requires specialist equipment to cut and weld. 

Safer and easier to use 

Wesbeam LVL is lighter than other hardwood, making it easier and safer to move around site. Manufactured with smoother, chamfered edges, it provides safer, splinter-free handling. 

Product Sizes

e-beam 45mm e-beam 63mm
200x45 200x63
240x45 240x63
300x45 300x63
360x45 360x63
400x45 400x63

e-joist 45mm e-joist 63mm e-joist 90mm
200x45 240x63 240x90
240x45 300x63 300x90

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Wherever possible, we make an effort to purchase our timber from local, WA-owned suppliers. Local timber means local jobs, and helping support the communities that support us.

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