When you choose timber, you’re choosing a more sustainable building material 

Compared to other building materials, such as brick or steel, timber is one of the most sustainable options available. Sourced from specially-grown forests, every tree harvest is replaced, so you’re choosing a natural product, that we can keep planting, growing, and using for the future. 

Unlike other building supplies, timber actively removes carbon from the air 

Timber framing is a natural way to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Trees grow for around 30 years before they are harvested, allowing them to capture large amounts of carbon dioxide. Approximately half the dry weight of timber framing is carbon, which is locked up and stored for the life of the timber.


Greener than steel

On average, steel emits 1.9 tonnes of CO2 for every tonne of steel produced. 

Safer than concrete 

Concrete production accounts for at least 8% of carbon emissions globally. 

A truly natural building material

When timber comes from a sustainably managed source, it’s one of the most eco-friendly building materials available as at least one tree is replanted for each tree that is harvested. In Australia, we replant over 70 million trees every year and our softwood plantations grow the amount of timber framing needed for an average home every two and a half minutes.

Discover why timber is the ultimate renewable 

What does sustainability mean to us? It means lowering, or even neutralising, our impact on the earth. It means choosing products that don’t leave a gaping hole in the environment. Timber is the only resource that we can actively put back into the earth—so we can give back, while still enjoying the benefits. 

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Sourced from sustainably-managed forests 

By sourcing our timber from sustainably-managed forests, we’re able to continue planting new trees faster than we can harvest them. We’re planting resources for the future; resources that continue to remove CO2 from the air, and help us work towards a cleaner earth. 

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We choose locally-sourced products 

At Independent Timber Supplies, we choose to buy our products from local sources wherever possible. We partner with Australian manufacturers to supply the local Western Australian market. The locally sourced timber comes from sustainably-managed forests. Locally sourced material, sold into the local market, stimulates the local economy, to help create jobs for local people, enabling locals to strive for that great Australian dream of owning their own (timber framed) home. 


Reducing our impact 

By choosing locally purchased products, we’re reducing the transportation distance and emissions, and lowering our environmental impact. 



Everybody wins 

By choosing local, you’re making a choice that benefits everyone.