Timber Trusses, Building Products

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Why more Australian Builders and Owners choose Timber Framing​

Blue Pine
Blue Pine
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Pine LVL
Pine LVL
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Pine e-splay LVL
Pine e-splay LVL
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Gulam Beam
Gulam Beam
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We can supply the following Structural Metal products:

  • steel beams – we supply a range of steel beams that are erected by the Carpenter when constructing Roof Frames. When a Timber member cannot span necessary lengths, we supply a steel beam as a substitute.

  • metal roof & ceiling battens  

  • steel posts

Barge & Fascia

We stock & can supply Timber Primed Barge/Fascia in the following sizes:

190x30, 230x30 & 280x30

We supply metal fascia in:

Zincalume, Colourbond and Colourbond Ultra (Suitable for properties close to the ocean)

We also supply all the associated accessories.

Lining & Cladding
Flooring & Panel Products
Decking, Alfresco & Verandah Products

We stock & can supply a range of reeded & non-reeded decking timbers including:

  • Pine (treated to H3)

  • Kapur

  • Batu

  • Merbau

  • Jarrah Solid

  • Swiftdeck (Finger jointed Jarrah hidden decking system)

  • We also stock a range of Cabot's Decking products​

Composite Decking

  • TimberTech

  • Hardie Deck™ Composite Deck


We stock & supply a large range of products from James Hardie including:

  • HardiePanel® compressed sheets

  • Scyon™ Secura interior flooring

  • Scyon™ Secura exterior flooring

  • Hardie Deck™ Composite Deck


We stock & supply all the necessary accessories to get the job done.

Stockists of the following
quality building products:

We stock and supply a large range of materials used by first fix Carpenters in completing their work.

Timber frames can be constructed using 2 different methods. These are:

  • Pitched ("stick") frames – with this method, an estimation of the materials required is delivered to site where a first fix carpenter cuts & assembles the frames on-site.

  • Manufactured frames – with this method, the frames are pre-fabricated in a factory & delivered to site where the carpenter erects the components.


Independent Timber Supplies now manufactures frames in our new state of the art manufacturing premises here in Rockingham. Whichever method you choose, all our customers can be assured of "Service and Quality" at every stage of the process.

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Manufactured Products *NEW*

Structural Timber Products

Structural Metal Products

Barge & Fascia
Lining & Cladding
Flooring & Panel Products

Decking, Alfresco & Verandah Products

Manufactured Products *NEW*

We stock & can supply a range of section sizes & lengths in the following structural items:

  • Structural Pine – machine graded Pine predominantly used in the construction of Structural Timber Frames.

  • LVLs (Laminated Veneer Lumber) – we stock a range of Pine LVLs that are made in WA by Wesbeam as well as hardwood LVL members imported from Asia (including MAXbeams). LVLs are a relatively inexpensive structural solution used to span large distances.

  • e-splays (splay ended LVLs) – we manufacture a range of splays using Pine LVLs manufactured by Wesbeam, including double e-splays.

  • Glulams (Glued Laminated Timber) – we can supply a range of Glulam Beams in both softwood (Pine & Oregon) & hardwood (Kapur and Merbau). Glulam members can span larger distances than LVLs & are manufactured as a visual product.

  • I-Joist – we can supply a range of I-shaped joists which are a structurally efficient solution. They are commonly used in floor structures.

  • Structural Plywoods – we stock a range of structural plywood.

  • Structural Hardwoods – some applications call for Hardwood Products which we are able to supply.


Structural Pine & LVLs are available in various treatments which provide long-term resistance to decay, insects & other wood destroying organisms (including European Borer).

Click here for information on the European House Borer.

Structural Pine that is treated to Hazard Level H2-F (for use south of the Tropic of Capricorn) is known as Blue Pine. Its name is taken from the Blue colour that the treatment imparts on the Timber.

Click here for more information on Wespine's own version of Blue Pine, Wespine Blue™.

Click on the pictures below to see expanded views.

Structural Timber Products

Panel products include plywood and particle board which are used for structural applications & decorative purposes.

Particle board comes in the following grades:

  • standard – general purpose dry, interior use

  • moisture resistant – high humidity & occasional wetting use

  • high performance – structural applications

  • OSB Board

  • particle board flooring


Plywood comes in the following grades:

  • interior – non-structural interior applications

  • exterior – non-marine exposed applications

  • marine – complete marine applications

  • structural – structural applications 

  • brace ply

  • Roof Frames (trusses)

  • Wall Frames

  • Floor Frames (PosiStrut floor joists & timber web floor joists)


The manufactured products listed above are designed & fabricated at our new purpose built manufacturing premises. Roof trusses are an engineered designed system that are designed to the relevant Australian Standards.

All manufactured products are made using Bluepine (H2 treated pine) as a minimum. For a carpenter that is well versed in the erection of manufactured frames, their use significantly reduces the time required for the carpenter to be on site compared with the pitched (stick) construction method.

Click on the pictures to see expanded views.

We stock & supply a large range of products from James Hardie (link) including:

  • Versilux® lining

  • HardieFlex™ sheets

  • HardieTex™ sheets

  • PrimeLine® weatherboards

  • HardiePlank® weatherboards

  • Exotec® façade panels

  • Easylap™ panels

  • HardieGroove® panels

  • Scyon Linea™ weatherboards

  • Scyon Axcon™ sheets

  • Scyon Stria™ boards

  • Scyon Matrix™ panels

  • Scyon Axent™ trim


We stock & supply all the necessary accessories to get the job done as well.

We stock & can supply a range of Timber lining including:

  • Pine

  • Design Pine

  • Western Red Cedar

  • Glosswood


We stock & supply a range of Timber cladding including:

We stock & can supply the following hardware products:

  • wall wrap

  • anchors (screwbolts, framing plugs, sleeve anchors)

  • screws

  • nails

  • bolts

  • chemical adhesives

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Truss Photo 1
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Truss Photo 2
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Truss Photo 3
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