We supply & service a range of builders in Western Australia including Project Builders, Custom Builders & Owner Builders. We also supply to the commercial building industry & to the mining industry.

We are focused on providing our customers with not just great service but what we call personal service. Providing personal attention in the servicing of our builders is one of key goals. Read about how we can service you or your business by selecting a shortcut below:

Project Builders
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Perth has some of the largest residential builders in Australia. We supply & service a range of divisions of the Project Builders including:

  • First home buyers

  • Second & third home buyers

  • Two-storey

  • Home improvement & renovation

If you represent a Project Builder within the Western Australia market & you are interested in knowing about the product we sell & the service we provide, then please contact one of our Customer Account Managers.

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Project builders

Becoming an Owner Builder can be a rewarding experience. However, building a home is a large project & can, at times, prove stressful. We acknowledge this & are more than prepared to lend a hand wherever we can.

Because we can design your Frames, put you in contact with fixing carpenters, supply all the necessary materials according to our Overlays (technical drawings) & transport everything to site, we offer a complete package.

While we aim to be price competitive, our primary focus is on service. We have found minimising hassles for the builder, ensuring minimal delays on site, is where real savings can be made.

Custom builders

From hobby & niche to low-volume & individually designed, we supply & service a large contingent of Custom Builders within Western Australia. Over the years we have been operating, we like to think we have helped many builders grow their businesses – this in turn has enabled us to grow.

We believe having the backing of a quality supplier adds value to a business – our pricing is competitive & we aim to provide the best service in the industry. Our focus on service means that you will have fewer problems. Fewer problems in turn reduces costs which saves you money.

Our aim is to provide the first fix Carpenters with the necessary materials & support they require to get the job completed. We can also tailor some of what we do to fit in with your requirements – particularly in relation to the Frame design.

Please contact one of our Customer Account Managers if you are interested in seeing how we can add value to your business.

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Owner builders

If you are thinking about choosing Independent Timber Supplies to help with your project, then please keep in mind the following:

  • if you have a Material List prepared then we can turn a quote around in 24 to 48 hours (depending on the size of the project). A Material List details what quantities & materials you will require in order to construct the Frames that have been designed. If you accept our quote, we’ll need about 5 business days in order to get your material to site (again depending on the size of the project).

  • if you don’t have a list of materials, we can assist. Please get in contact with us as soon as is possible. As a rule of thumb, the average single storey home takes about 3-4 weeks to be in a position for the first fix Carpenters to start constructing your Roof Frames. We require 4-6 weeks from when you first contact us in order to deliver your materials (this is just for an average single storey home!).

  • please ensure when you send through your home plans you include any engineering drawings.

  • while quoting is free, in order to produce a quote we need to produce an Overlay (see below for definition) & a Material List. We charge a small fee to produce these but they are yours to keep. However, we have found that with our technical knowledge this cost is quickly offset by savings created through efficient design.

An Overlay is our own set of drawings which the Carpenter will need when constructing your Frames.


  • when comparing quotes, ensure that you know what the quote is made up of – don’t just obtain a dollar value. There can often be large differences in quotes just simply because "apples are not being compared with apples"!


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Building with us

Home Base Expo is a building, renovating & information centre located in Subiaco. They run useful courses for Owner Builders & sell a very useful building & renovating guide.

If you haven't visited Home Base we recommend you visit - click here to be directed to their website.

Home Base expo

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